Admin Requirements (READ BEFORE APPLY)

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Admin Requirements (READ BEFORE APPLY) Empty Admin Requirements (READ BEFORE APPLY)

Post by Talha on Thu Aug 01, 2013 7:15 pm

Before posting any admin application make sure that you have read this requirements fulfill, otherwise you will be autodenied.

1. Respect all players and admins in game.
2. Respect all the rules on both server AND forum.
3. You must be an respectful and friendly Person.
4. You must be active on Server AND Forum.
6. You must have an good english writing and speaking skills.
7. You must have played minimum 1 week on the server.
9. You must played at least 5 hours on our server, use /stats to check your hours.
10. You are not allowed to asking admins to see your apply or to answer.

NOTE:If you are denied,You must wait 2 weeks for re-apply.
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