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Clan: [HS] Hunter Smokerz Empty Clan: [HS] Hunter Smokerz

Post by SakuraChan on Tue Aug 20, 2013 3:54 pm

Your IG Name : SakuraChan
- Your Clan Name : Hunter Smokerz
- Clan Tag : [HS]
- Members :
Founder :-N/A
Owner :- SakuraChan
Co-owner :- N/A
Leader :- N/A
Legend :- N/A
VIP :- N/A
Member :- N/A
________________________ ____________
Full [HS] Tag : SakuraChan
Disciple [HS[Disciple / D] : N/A
Soldier [HS[Soldier / S] : N/A
- Why should we accept your clan as official(50 Words) ?: Because We're awesome , And We have got a great history in many Servers , We are planning to be the best and No one will stop us , We wish the owner accept our clan so we can challenge other clan and fight with them for the 1st position in the server , And We will try with all our effort to make the dream into real.
- What makes your clan so special(50 Words) ? Because as I said we got a history in many servers , we got a nice players and we will Try to be the best with all our effort and We are looking to the first position of the clans , We are going to create many special things to the clan as a clan logos and Etc.. so We wish you accept our request to become a official clan in this server.
- Do you got 5 members ? We got 4 members and Searching for the 5th and I think we will find him soon.
- Do you got any bad history ( banned - kicked - warned ): No...

- What is your clan Application format ?
Your Nickname :
Country :
Your Age ( Do Not Lie ) :
Timezone :
XP :
How can we contact you :
What Language are you speaking :
Why do you want to join [HS] Clan :
What Does [HS] Means :
KD Ratio :
Why should we pick you above others ?
Rate your English (0/10) :
Rate your Shooting skills (0/10)

- What is your clan Rules/Requirements ?


Code: [Select]
Cheating Is NOT allowed.
Do NOT ever lie about anything even was a huge or little thing.
No Insulting and you should respect players and admins.
You shouldn't have been rule breaking in the server and never do that.
You shouldn't ask for promotion.

Requirements :
Code: [Select]
You should have 10+ Hours in game.
You should have 20,000 XP in game.
You should have KD Ratio of 1.5+.
You should be active in game and on forum.
Trial Moderators
Trial Moderators

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Clan: [HS] Hunter Smokerz Empty Re: Clan: [HS] Hunter Smokerz

Post by Bomberman on Tue Aug 20, 2013 4:10 pm

Your Clan Has Been Accepted

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